Abe Osheroff  (October 24, 1915 - April 6, 2008)

          We now have an opportunity to help carry on Abe’s work. The Abe Osheroff & Gunnel
    Clark Endowed Human Rights Fund for Students has been established at the University of
    Washington Center for Human Rights in Seattle. It will provide support for students who engage in
    human rights projects that are consistent with Abe’s legacy.  The endowment states:

    It is the donor’s intent that awards from this endowment go to support students’ active
    participation in human rights projects that promote social change through direct action.
    Specifically, students will partake in projects through direct engagement in areas that are
    consistent with the legacy of Abe Osheroff, a lifetime human rights activist, including but not
    limited to economic justice, environmental justice, labor rights, women’s rights, and or
    minority/indigenous rights.  High priority will be given to projects that focus on the adverse
    consequences of the policies or actions of our government, or our institutions and
    corporations, on disadvantaged people in our country or abroad. (Click here for full text)

    All contributions are tax deductible.  For more info please go here.

    Checks should be payable to: University of Washington Foundation/Abe Osheroff Endowment
    Please mail donations to: Gunnel Clark, 2100 N 128th Street, Seattle  WA 98133
    You may also donate online by clicking here

A Brief Biography
(from the Seattle PI)

Abe Osheroff: "One foot in
the grave, the other still
dancing" --
A new film by Nadeem Uddin
(for more info click above)
Abe's Movies:
Dreams &
Abe's award winning 1974 film  
about the Spanish Civil War
(available in DVD w/new
introduction by Abe)

Art in the Struggle
for Freedom
Abe's film about the art,music, &
poetry of the Spanish Civil War
(only available in VHS)

To order any of the above films
or call 206-364-4521
From Gunnel Clark:  My dearest Abe is gone...
The chair in the living room is empty, but I feel his
presence everywhere and will for always.

        As I and our families and friends are full of sadness
    about Abe’s sudden death, we at the same time feel great
    joy about how he lived the last days of his life to capacity,
    true to his spirit.

        We undertook a seemingly impossible journey to San
    Francisco to attend the unveiling of the monument for the
    Abraham Lincoln Brigade, a beautiful creation of onyx
    plates, hung in iron frames and engraved with quotations
    and pictures from the Spanish Civil war. It was a “crazy”
    thing to do, but Abe was determined. After all, the trip to
    Spain in his youth was also a “crazy” undertaking.

        Traveling with us was our dear friends Howard Gale and
    Tony Geist. We could not have made the trip without them.

        We packed a rental van full of all the equipment needed
    to make the journey as comfortable as possible including
    his recliner chair with booster platform, his “home” for the
    last few years. It went with us everywhere, including to the
    monument in case he needed it.

        In Portland we met up with Abe’s daughter Sara and
    family, and in Berkeley we stayed with Abe’s son Dov and
    his family, joined by son Nick from Los Angeles. Thus he
    spent his last days surrounded by family and friends,
    soaking up all that love that he so craved and gave so freely,
    with one of his grand- daughters like a necklace around his
    neck and both granddaughters Isabel and Cleo entertaining
    him with puppet theater.

        At the unveiling of the monument Abe gave an inspiring
    speech, true to form.

        We made it safely home. Three days later Abe died of a
    heart attack. It all went very fast and I do not think he knew
    what was happening. I’m grateful that I was with him when
    he died and that he was allowed to die at home. It was a
    glorious ending of a beautiful life, well-lived.

        Thank you all for your love and friendship and please
    share your thoughts and comments with us on the blog we
    set up for that purpose: http://AbeOsheroff.blogspot.com
    I hope you’ll join us for a rousing celebration of
    Abe’s life 2:00 PM Sunday, May 25th, 2008 at Seattle Town
Above: Onyx panel, a part of the San Francisco Monument to the
                 Abraham Lincoln Brigade, March 30, 2008.

Left: Abe in Mississippi, summer of 1964.
Above, from left:  Marcos Armendariz, Tony Geist, Gunnel Clark, & Sara Osheroff with Abe in Portland, March 25, 2008.
Below: Unveiling of the National Monument to The Abraham Lincoln Brigade, located on The Embarcadero (in the M Justin Herman Plaza) in San Francisco,
March 30, 2008.  
To see more pictures of the monument click here and here.
Above: Abe in Spain during
the Spanish Civil War.
Left: Abe and Gunnel with
their children and

Abe's last speech, at the unveiling of the San Francisco Monument to the Lincoln Brigade,
March 30, 2008
View the QuickTime or YouTube movie of Abe's San Francisco speech
To see more
pictures of Abe,
friends, and family
click here